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Marco Rubio once said if you don't want to vote on things, don't run for the Senate. Really? Rubio talks up his national security experience, but did you know he skipped 18 defense votes, including one to arm the Kurds to fight ISIS. And what does Rubio say about skipping votes? In essence, not voting for it is a vote against it. So is not voting is voting against it, was Rubio voting against defense spending and fighting ISIS? Marco Rubio. Absent on national defense. Keep the Promise I is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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An ad sponsored by a super PAC supporting Ted Cruz charges, "Marco Rubio skipped 18 defense votes, including one to arm the Kurds to fight ISIS." "Half True," rules PolitiFact: "[T]his ad this ad doesn’t tell viewers that all of Rubio’s skipped votes pertain to one bill. Also, Rubio voted for the overall bill, and Cruz voted against it."

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03/07/2016 UTC
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03/07/2016 UTC
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