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Marlin Stutzman grew up a Hoosier farm boy, where he learned the values of hard work and responsibility. When he was just twelve years old, Marlin began saving his pocket change because someday he wanted to take his wife somewhere special for their honeymoon. I didn't meet Marlin until years later and after we were engaged, I was overwhelmed to find out he had been saving for our future since he was a boy. That's who Marlin is and he's never changed. He knows Hoosier families work hard for what they what they earn and has made it his mission to protect that. Marlin has fought the powerful. In Indiana and Washington. To balance budgets and make government live within its means. Marlin is naturally conservative because of the values he learned on the farm. Always doing what's right today to bring a stronger tomorrow. Marlin Stutzman for Senate. I'm Marlin Stutzman and I approved this message.
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