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Today I was barnstorming out through northwest Iowa and there were a lot of people who for the very first time kind of zeroed in on the decision they had to make, and they did it around that last forum. The forum that was on CNN. On caucus night, I want you to hold strong on that first alignment. I want you to hold strong not only to lift up a new leader and a new President, I want you to hold strong for that country you carry in your heart. I want you to hold strong for that third grade boy or girl who's only gonna be in third grade once. I want you to hold strong for that dreamer who goes to school and goes to work everyday, worried about whether she'll come home and find her parents have been deported. We are all in this together. We are a good. We are a kind. We are a generous people. And we have only need to lift up a new leader to move our country forward and that's what you're gonna do come Monday night here in Iowa.
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12/09/2015 UTC
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