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Twas the night before Christmas and liberals were smiling, free phones and health care Santa Obama was conniving. With American jobs scarce what better way to show care, than to sprinkle good citizens with the hope of welfare. But Clinton's people were anxious, and frigid, cold as ice worried the democratic playbook needed much much more spice. Hillary's top henchmen yelled at her high-priced attorney, what will it take to stop this crazy old man named Bernie. Let's promise the incredible, new programs and big dreams, put costs and worry aside we're going to extremes. Free college, food and housing, there's no room for criticism, we are democrats and we believe in socialism , so remember this Christmas when you gather round the tree, shiny Washington handouts are most certainly not free, and if by chance you whisper into the real Santa's ear, ask for one simple wish get the liberals out of here.
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