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I served with 82nd Airborne in Iraq and ultimately I was medically discharged from the Army. So I went to you know work for the VA. Within a few days I'm seein' stuff I'm uncomfortable with. Things have been falsified there for so many years and I couldn't take it anymore. I blew the whistle. The coverup after the deaths of three patients at a VA hospital. Tomah VA prescribed excessive doses of opioid painkillers. The practice wasn't stopped and veterans paid the price. I found out that Russ Feingold got a memo in 2009 that outlined veteran harm and nothing was done. Russ Feingold ignored veterans' concerns while veterans were dying at the facility. All those veterans who've come back wounded and they died at the hands of politicians who looked the other way. I just want the voters to know the real story. Freedom Partners Action Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.

This ad from the Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC supported by the Koch brothers, claims that Sen. Russ Feingold got a memo about over-prescription of narcotics at a Wisconsin veterans hospital and didn't do anything. Following complaints from Feingold's campaign, three Wisconsin TV stations pulled the ad off the air reported the Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel on May 8. PolitiFact reports that the super PAC revised the ad to say that the memo was delivered to Feingold, but not that he actually received it. Because "there isn’t evidence that Feingold received the memo," PolitiFact rates the original ad claim as "False."

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