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The President won't say it but I will. Radical Islamic terrorism. Let's call it what it is. They declared war on America and attacked our way of life. And our congressman Walter Jones is taking the president's way. Congressman Jones empowered Obama to cut a deal with Iran. Jones caved to Obama. Obama caved to Iran. I'm Taylor Griffin. I'll stand with our friends and against our enemies. I know the difference. And that's why I approved this message.

This ad from the campaign of Taylor Griffin, who is challenging GOP incumbent Walter B. Jones., Jr. in North Carolina's third district, claims the congressman "caved to Obama" and “empowered Obama to cut a deal with Iran.” FactCheck.org reports that this claim is false and distorts facts. "[A]ll Jones did was co-author a letter in 2012 beseeching the president to conduct “robust, sustained diplomacy” with Iran as an alternative to war." Also, Jones voted against Obama’s Iran nuclear deal in 2015, stating that “it does not provide for adequate inspections and verification.”

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