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Hello. This is Congressman Jeff Duncan and I'm excited to announce that I'm endorsing Ted Cruz for President. I know that when Ted says he's gonna do something, he does it. Ted isn't a campaign conservative. He's a proven conservative who has led so many critical fights, ranging from defense of our traditional values and for our religious liberties, to fighting runaway government spending, to battling against Obamacare. When we needed Ted Cruz, he was there for us. It is critical that we as conservatives unite behind someone like Ted, who shares our values. He's a conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton this fall. You see, if we don't nominate a conservative who can contrast with Hillary on issues like amnesty, marriage or health care, we're likely to lose the White House. Again. Here in South Carolina, we have the opportunity to support Ted Cruz, a principled conservative who shares our South Carolina values. I enthusiastically endorse Ted Cruz for President and I'm asking each of you to join me by going to TedCruz.org and signing up to join the team today.
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03/04/2016 UTC
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03/04/2016 UTC
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