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Wisconsin is a beautiful place where the people place solutions over slogans. Our campaign is for the working moms, the truck drivers, the mechanics and the machinists with calluses on their hands. It's for the farmers and factory workers. And the families who worry about prices going up while paychecks stay flat. It's for the young people coming out of school unable to find a job. We will repeal Obamacare. Peel back the EPA, and all the burdensome regulations that are killing small businesses and manufacturing. I'm gonna stand up for fair trade and bring our jobs back from China. We will see wages goin up. We'll see opportunity again. We'll see a president who will stand with the people of Wisconsin and Americans everywhere. Ted Cruz for president. Courageous conservatives reigniting the promise of America. I'm Ted Cruz and I approve this message, and I'd be honored to have your support.
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04/04/2016 UTC
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04/04/2016 UTC
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