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If you think things are going great in Washington, that we need to keep going in the same direction maybe just fiddle around the edges, then I ain't your guy. On the other hand if you think Washington is fundamentally broke and we need to take power out of Washington and back to we the people, that is what this campaign is all about. Keep the Promise I is responsible for the content of this advertisement.
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Keep the Promise I, a Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz, is running this ad in the run up to the Iowa caucuses. According to Open Secrets, the main donors to the Super PAC are the Wilks Brothers. CNN reports "Farris and Dan Wilks [are] billionaires who made their fortunes in the West Texas fracking boom." (http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/25/politics/ted-cruz-wilks-brothers/)

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01/12/2016 UTC
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02/24/2016 UTC
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