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I'm Ted Cruz and I approve this message. Eminent domain, a fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them, like Trump. I think eminent domain is wonderful. It made him rich like when Trump colluded with Atlantic City insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousine parking lot at his casino. He doesn't have no heart. Trump won't change the system. He's what's wrong with it.

This hard-hitting ad from the Cruz campaign, released Jan. 22, goes after Donald Trump, who is riding high in Iowa polls with less than a week to go before the caucus. The ad, which implies Trump bulldozed an elderly woman's home, is misleading, reports Factcheck.org. Trump wanted to bulldoze the home, but he lost that battle in the courts.

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01/26/2016 UTC
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02/14/2016 UTC
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