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I'm Dr. James Dobson, speaking to you as a private citizen. My wife Shirley and I have joined thousands of conservative pastors and laymen in endorsing Senator Ted Cruz for President. For us, the sanctity of human life and traditional marriage are non-negotiable. Ted has been relentless in defending the institution of the family. After Donald Trump and Marco Rubio announced that they would accept the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage, we knew we could not support them. Our decision was confirmed when they opposed Senator Cruz efforts to defund Planned Parenthood. I know Ted. He's a Christian family man of the utmost integrity. His wife Heidi will be the very first pro-life First Lady. With Justice Scalia's death, we need a President who will defend the Constitution and nominate conservatives to the high court. His name is Ted Cruz. I'm Ted Cruz and I approved this message.

This ad claims that, if Ted Cruz were elected, Heidi Cruz would be the first "pro-life" first lady ever. PolitiFact rates the claim as "Mostly True": "Every first lady since since Roe vs. Wade has publicly expressed their support for a woman’s choice on abortion, including Nancy Reagan and Barbara and Laura Bush. But it’s hard to know if Heidi Cruz would be the first "pro-life" first lady ever." PolitiFact has also rated the claim that Trump and Rubio opposed Cruz’s "efforts to defund Planned Parenthood." The ruling: "Mostly False."

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11/21/2015 UTC
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04/29/2016 UTC
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