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The Lightweight, the Deadweight and the Heavyweight. The Lightweight: Marco Rubio. He looks good on TV, but what's he ever done but push for amnesty. The Deadweight: Donald Trump. What's he ever done to advance our conservative cause. All he's done is give money to liberals and he's proud of it. And the Heavyweight: Ted Cruz. A champion for your conservative values. Cruz thinks like us and Cruz fights for us because Ted Cruz is one of us. The establishment hates Ted Cruz because he won't play their game of campaigning as conservatives and governing as liberals. And with four Supreme Court justices over age eighty, who New Hampshire chooses has never been more important. You've waited for decades for a leader like Ted Cruz. Now he's here. Ted Cruz for President. Let's take our country back now before it's too late. Courageous Conservatives PAC paid for this ad and is solely responsible for its contents. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. Courageousconservativespac.com.
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