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Washington deals. It's why we have a nineteen trillion dollar debt. Some candidates have promised to cut more deals with the Democrats. Others already have. I won't. Washington deals are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. It has to stop. I've stood up to the Washington lobbyists, like when I took on the ethanol mandate in Iowa. They said it was political suicide. My opponents attacked me, promising more cronyism and more corporate wealth. I didn't back down and we won. As President, I will say no to amnesty, repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, and defend the Constitution. When Washington dealmakers push, I won't flinch. I will stand firm with the American people, whether Washington likes it or not. No wonder conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are saying there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz. This is the closest in our lifetimes we have ever been to Ronald Reagan. I'm Ted Cruz and I approved this message.
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02/17/2016 UTC
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02/20/2016 UTC
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