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Former Governor Ted Strickland is making a big announcement. I'm going to be giving a national security speech and I intend to go into my position on these matters in very significant detail. So what is Strickland's record on national security? Ted Strickland supports Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's failed national security policies that have made America weaker and ISIS stronger. Ted even led the lobbying arm of a liberal D.C. special interest group that supported the Obama agenda. Policies that have weakened our national defense. Drawing red lines that were ignored, and left us more vulnerable to attacks from ISIS and other terrorist groups. Because America has been leading from behind. And Governor Strickland continues to support President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, even though it gives Iran billions of dollars. Money it can now use to support terrorist groups. And even though Iran continues to violate international rules. We can't trust Ted Strickland's bad judgment. Ted Strickland. Wrong for Ohio. Wrong for a safer America.
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