Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

A year-end message from the TV News Archive

by Katie Donnelly Over the past extremely unpredictable election year, the Internet Archive invented new methods and tools to give journalists, researchers, and the public the power to access, scrutinize, share, and thoroughly fact-check political ads, presidential debates, and TV news broadcasts. Our efforts were designed to help citizens better understand the patterns of political messages designed to persuade them […]

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New research tool for visualizing two million hours of television news

Guest post by Kalev Leetaru Today the Internet Archive announces a new interactive timeline visualization–the Television Explorer–that lets you trace how any keyword–think “emails”, “tax returns”, “alt-right”–has been covered on U.S. television news over the past half-decade. See the Television Explorer, a new tool for exploring TV News. Over the past year and a half, the GDELT Project and the Internet […]

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What we learned by archiving fact checked ads in the 2016 elections

In January 2016, we launched the Political TV Ad Archive to track airings of political ads in select TV broadcast markets. While our aim was to archive as many ads as we could, to save them for posterity, another major goal was to put as many ads as possible in context for viewers by marrying them with fact- and source-checks from our journalism […]

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