The name of the game in political advertising in Florida at present is anti-Trump and more anti-Trump.

Conservative Solutions PAC, the super PAC supporting Marco Rubio, is running several ads all deeply critical of the GOP frontrunner. Together, these ads have run more than 1,700 times in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, and counting. More than half of these airings — 56 percent — have been on entertainment programs such as “Jeopardy!,” “Right This Minute,” and “Judge Judy.” See all the ads by Conservative Solutions PAC archived on the site here.

The ad with the most airings is this one, which charges Trump with preventing veterans “from in front of his high rise.” The super PAC changed the audio from the ad after fact checkers from and PolitiFact questioned the charge that Trump had advocated keeping veterans out of the highrise itself.

Meanwhile, Our Principles PAC, a super PAC devoted to opposing Trump, has been hitting Trump on the subject of his immigration record, with nearly 100 airings on broadcast stations and counting. The super PAC was formed by Katie Packer, a former aide to Mitt Romney, and has gotten much of its funding from Marlene Ricketts, the wife of billionaire Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade. The family also owns the Chicago Cubs, according to the Center for Public Integrity. See all of the Our Principles PAC ads archived here. The ad with the most airplays to date is below.

The American Future Fund, a nonprofit that is not required to disclose its donors, has also been running anti-Trump ads in Florida. They are focused on Trump University, and the three together earned a rare “Geppetto’s check mark” for being accurate from the Washington Post’s Fact Checker. See them here, here, and here.

Trump himself has run ads airing at least 320 times in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. The one getting the most airplay is this one,  which is also airing widely in Ohio. The message is about his business prowess and features him saying, “We will make America great again.” He also has a negative ad about Marco Rubio and another about Ted Cruz, which has not been airing recently.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates have been largely staying away from the major broadcast channels. However, Bernie Sanders created a five-minute ad on migrant workers that is planned to air on Univision, the Spanish language station, according to CNN. The Hillary Clinton campaign, meanwhile, released some new ads on March 9.