Our partners at PolitiFact have fact checked the top 10 most-aired presidential ads from key markets in swing states tracked by the Political TV Ad Archive in recent weeks.

Of the top ten, seven are pro-Clinton, and only three are pro-Trump. Unsurprisingly, in an especially nasty campaign season, seven out of the ten ads are attack ads, like this one from Priorities USA Action, a super PAC backing Clinton. The ad features a 17-year-old disabled cancer survivor who says he wouldn’t want a president alongside a clip of Trump from a rally where he flails his arms and says, “Ahh, I don’t know what I said! Ah, I don’t remember!” PolitiFact reports that “The ad’s charge is accurate. Trump was imitating New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a congenital condition which limits the movement of his joints.”

Click on the numbered links to see fact checks from Politifact embedded.

Pro-Clinton super PAC ad: Trump mocked a disabled reporter

2. Trump campaign ad: Clinton lied to FBI, allowed ISIS to spread and insulted Americans

3. Clinton campaign ad: Trump can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons

4. Clinton campaign ad: Clinton has spent her life fighting for children

5. Clinton campaign ad: Trump’s behavior should convince people to cross party lines

6. Trump campaign ad: Clinton has been in Washington for 30 years and has made things worse

7. Clinton campaign ad: Clinton’s mission is to ensure bright future for children

8. Trump campaign ad: Trump will lower taxes

9. Clinton campaign ad: Trump insults women

10. Pro-Clinton super PAC ad: Trump is unfit to be president