As the New Hampshire primaries approach, here are the five negative ads getting the most airplay over the past week in the Granite State, according to Political TV Ad Archive data.

1. Marco Rubio campaign ad focusing on America, while identifying Hillary Clinton as opponent.

In this ad sponsored by Marco Rubio’s campaign fund, the candidate talks of patriotism and defines the race as being about “defeating Hillary Clinton,” without mention of any of his GOP opponents.

Top Wall Street firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and the Blackstone Group, are high among the top contributors, via employees and PACs, to Rubio’s campaign fund, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Wall Street firms also figure prominently among Hillary Clinton’s campaign donors. For more detail, click here.

2. Donald Trump campaign ad criticizing Ted Cruz on his record on immigration. 

Trump focuses on Ted Cruz and his immigration record in this ad. Immigration has been a large focus of GOP ads in the primary. To see immigration statements fact checked by PolitiFact, click here.

3. Conservative Solutions PAC, super PAC supporting Rubio, criticizing Clinton and Jeb Bush. 

The super PAC supporting Marco Rubio clams that Clinton and Bush are from the past in this ad, and puts forth Rubio as a candidate for the future. The top donor to this super PAC, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, is Braman Motors, with $6 million. Norman Braman, the auto dealer, reported Politico, himself has a grudge from the past: a 2004 veto by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush against a charity he favors, which Rubio, the New York Times reported, championed.

4. America Leads, super PAC supporting Chris Christie, calling out John Kasich for being close to the banking industry.

This ad hits Kasich hard for being close to the banking industry. To see the donor list for the super PAC from the Center for Responsive Politics, click here. The super PAC raised $16 million last year, reports the Center for Public Integrity, and has opted for a reporting schedule that lets it delay details of its January donors until  “well after the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries are conducted.”

5. American Future Fund criticizes Kasich on tax record

In this ad, the nonprofit American Future Fund, which is not required to disclose its donors, but which the Center for Public Integrity reports has ties to the conservative Koch brothers network, attacks Kasich on his tax record as governor of Ohio. writes that the ad tells “only half the story,” that the ad “ignores that while Kasich in early 2015 proposed billions in tax increases — mostly from sales and cigarette tax hikes — the very same plan proposed an income tax cut and other tax relief. Overall, the plan called for a net tax cut.” The Washington Post’s Fact Checker awards the ad “three Pinocchios” because “Even Kasich’s critics agree there has been a net tax decrease in Ohio under Kasich.”